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“Heather has been working for us for 2 weeks as a maternity nurse from the baby’s first day at home and as a night nanny for 2 weeks more. She was able to make our first month with a newborn baby comfortable and pleasant, she also took care of us as parents.
Heather taught us the importance of organisation and preparation and provided us with advices on childcare, routines and development activities. She helped our baby eat at regular times and differentiate night from day. I highly recommend Heather!”

“Heather was with us for 3 weeks from the day we brought our baby girl home from the hospital. Being first time parents, we were nervous but Heather was very warm and patiently helped us to learn how to care for a newborn. By the time she left, we felt confident we could take care of our baby.
Apart from basics of taking care of a baby, she also helped to chose everything we missed for the baby (from toys to clothing, dummies to contacts for additional support).
Heather was a great support with breastfeeding and recovery from c-section. She was also flexible to join us for the hospital appointments.
We felt fortunate to have had Heather in our home. She made our transition to parenthood smoother. We highly recommend her as a maternity nurse.”

“Heather came to me as an emergency maternity nurse just after Christmas 2016 following an emergency c section and a prolonged stay in hospital after my daughter’s birth. Although I remained mostly in hospital during the five days that Heather was with me, I found her experience and practical hands on approach to be invaluable during what was a difficult period.
From the start, Heather came across as very friendly and approachable person with a wealth of experience in helping with establishing breast feeding with a very calm, patient and reassuring approach.
She was also able to provide me with general support and assistance while in hospital and was very flexible in dealing with the situation as due to the circumstances, I had not been able to buy all that was needed for the baby prior to going into hospital.
Therefore Heather very kindly was able to advise me on what I still needed and to shop for essential items while I was still in hospital and also was there to help me on my discharge from hospital and settling into a new routine at home. I would have no hesitation in recommending Heather as a maternity nurse who was able to show a confident, calm and flexible approach through out.”

“We employed Heather as a maternity nurse for our daughter Elsa during 2 months. Elsa was 5 weeks old when Heather first started.
Heather has a great knowledge of babies and during her time with us she was always capable of reassuring and advising us as first time parents. Heather is a relaxed and calm person and thanks to her, our daughter Elsa had quickly a good sleeping routine.
Heather duties were ironing Elsa’s clothes, getting her ready, preparing her milk and washing the bottles.”

“My experience with Heather was excellent. When it comes to professional help in such a sensitive area as growing kids, I am very demanding.
In my last month of pregnancy, I interviewed more than 30 maternity nurses and chose Heather for her professional and confident attitude. Heather purchased all the baby items needed with my partner whilst I was in hospital, as this is part of Russian tradition. She organised everything in 2 days in the house making sure everything was ready for my return home. She washed everything and ironed the baby clothes inside and out as per Russian requirements. As it was my first baby, I did not know much about baby care. Heather taught me everything. She follows all new investigations about baby care, her knowledge is complete and expanding.
Heather was taking care of my baby and myself, organising tea and food, managing the supply of nappies, baby changing items and water in the house (she ordered it on the internet),and went regularly to Mother care and Boots, buy anything needed for the baby or myself.
Initially I applied for 4 weeks work with Heather, but then I extended it to 8 weeks. During this time spent together of course we did have some disagreements surrounding minor elements of baby care due to differences between Russian and English care practices, but Heather was diplomatic enough to follow my wishes.
I would absolutely recommend working with Heather – she is a professional Maternity nurse whose priority is baby’s wellbeing.”

“Heather has been working for us as a night nurse for 4 weeks.
Heather is an excellent, very experienced maternity nurse. She built an excellent relationship with our baby boy and our family was sad to see her go. She had a calming effect on baby, who was very comfortable with her.
Heather was always punctual and a good communicator. She also provided us with valuable advice on childcare, routines, baby products, development activities, etc. She helped our baby eat at regular times and differentiate night from day.”
I am more than happy to recommend Heather as a very caring and capable maternity nurse.

“Heather has been working for us for five weeks as a maternity nurse from the day of the birth of our child. We were left very satisfied with what Heather has done for us and with our friendship with Heather. Heather is a very kind person with a good sense of humor, and so we found it very easy to get on well with her from the first day in. The most important aspect of Heather’s stay with us was of course her professionalism and her knowledge. Therefore from the first day I was able to trust and rely on Heather with our child. She would do everything we expected and more, she would wash and dress our child as well as undertaken all the necessary hygiene procedures. She also used to give us very useful tips for looking after the child. Heather also showed exceptional attitude to work in her spare time, she used to prepare occasional snacks for me as well as do some shopping. I can say that not only Heather provided great help for our family in her time with us but she also gave me vital lessons of looking after the child.”

“Heather helped us take care of our baby boy Pablo immediately after he wasborn in February 2013.
She was with us overnight (10 hour shifts) for four days, once we came back from the hospital, sleeping with Pablo and taking care of the middle of the night feed (expressed milk), as well as help ing out more generally. This allowed me to get some much needed rest post-labour.
We found Heather to be very reliable, professional, calm and also flexible to adapt to our needs and our preferred approach, and are pleased to recommend her to other first time parents.”

“Heather is kind and compassionate and fits into family life with ease. I think she is also a baby whisperer!! She’s amazing”

“Heather worked as a night nanny 7pm – 7am for 2 weeks when our daughter was 3 weeks old. We were both exhausted and Heather allowed us to have some much needed rest.
Heather is very polite, very friendly, helpful and chatty but discreet at the same time which is great.
Heather is extremely knowledgeable and taught me so much about breastfeeding and its benefits.
Given the hours we requested, Heather had dinner with us every night which I thoroughly enjoyed, she is such a lovely person to have around. She was also very good at involving our older one, who was struggling a bit at the time getting used to having a new sister around.
I would highly recommend Heather and won’t hesitate to have her back in the future if needed!”