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Terms and Conditions for Clients

Fee structure:

Placement of Maternity Nurse€65 fee per for each week booked or part of + VAT
Placement of Night Nanny€20 fee per night booked + VAT
Placement of Nanny/Carer (1-5 mornings/afternoons per week)€75 one off fee + VAT
Placement of Nanny/Carer (Fulltime)€150 one off fee + VAT
Arrangement of occasional evening babysitting€20 fee per occasion booked + VAT

a. All business undertaken between Hey Presto Childcare (“the Agency”) and the Client is subject to these terms and conditions. In the event of any conflict between these terms and conditions and any other terms and conditions that have been issued by the Agency, the former shall prevail unless expressly agreed in writing to the contrary by the Agency Manager.
b. An introduction is deemed to be made when the Agency notifies the Client of a candidate’s name and/or provides the Client with the candidate’s details.
c. If a candidate introduced by the Agency accepts a booking from the Client, an introduction fee shall be payable calculated in accordance with clause 2.
d. The Client shall be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions if inter alia, any of the following events occur:
i) The Client receives an introduction of a candidate from the Agency and/or contacts the candidate and/or interviews the candidate and/or thereafter engages the candidate’s services.
ii) The Client introduces a candidate or passes on an introduction to another client.

a. The introduction fees are to be paid in Euros and are subject to VAT in accordance with the fee structure for EU residents set out above.
b. If a candidate introduced by the Agency is rejected (or rejects a booking) by the Client, a full introduction fee will be payable if the candidate is subsequently booked by the Client at any time.

a. The introduction fee will become due and payable within 10 working days of the date of invoice or prior to commencement of the booking whichever is sooner.
b. If the introduction fee is not paid before the Maternity Nurse / Nanny is due to start, the Agency reserves the right to allocate another booking to the Maternity Nurse / Nanny whether or not a deposit has been paid to the candidate.
c. The Agency reserves the right to charge interest on overdue invoices from the date of invoice until payment calculated at the monthly rate of 5% in the event of legal proceeding being commended by the Agency to recover the fee. The rate of interest will be the then current rate pursuant to the County Court Act 1984 from the date on which proceedings are instigated.
d. Clause 6 below will only be applicable if clause 3 (a) above has been adhered to.
e. If our invoice is not paid by 30 days of the invoice date, the Agency reserves the right to pass it to a debt collector which will incur an additional fee of 10% of the total invoice which will be charged to the Client.

a. All information supplied by the Agency is confidential. If the Client passes on the details of a candidate to a third party who subsequently engages the candidate’s services, the Client will remain liable for the full introduction fee, and the replacement provisions on clause 6 will not apply.

a. If the booking is extended the Client must inform the Agency so that the additional fee can be calculated and a revised invoice issued.
b. Following cessation of a placement, if the Client offers employment in any capacity, either permanent or temporary within 3 years, a further fee will be payable and the Agency will issue a revised invoice.

a. If a Maternity Nurse / Nanny fails to take up her booking the Agency reserves the right to offer a suitable alternative Maternity Nurse / Nanny. If no suitable alternative is found, a refund will be given provided that the client has complied with clause 3(a) above.
b. The Agency, in calculating the refund, reserves the right to retain 25% of the introduction fee for work carried out. Any request for a refund should be put in writing to the Agency.
c. A termination of a booking due to a clash of personalities does not qualify for a refund.
d. If a Maternity Nurse / Nanny leaves a booking due to untenable work conditions no refund will be made.

a. If prior to commencement of provision of services the Client cancels the provision of services, the Agency reserves the right to retain 50% of the introduction fee as a cancellation fee.

a. The Client will be responsible for taking up references and obtaining confirmation of qualification and shall satisfy him or herself as to the actual suitability of any candidate introduced by the Agency for the specific position offered.
b. The Agency makes no warranty or guarantee, express or implied as to the suitability of any candidate introduced to the Client.
c. The Agency shall not be liable to the Client for any loss, liability, damage, costs, claims or expenses suffered or incurred by the Client arising from or connected with the recruitment or engagement of any candidate by the Client howsoever arising.
d. The Client will be responsible for the candidate’s fee for services provided.

a. The Client is requested to reimburse all reasonable travelling expenses to the interview and travel expenses at the commencement of the post upon presentation of receipt, and to accept reverse charge calls from prospective candidates calling long distance.
b. The Client is requested to confirm dates in writing to the Maternity Nurse / Nanny andthe Agency as soon as the agreement is made.

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